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EPAL-pallet pool
List of member railways
Railways Country Date of accession Marking on the left corner block
DB Germany 01.01.61
DR Germany  
ÖBB Austria 01.01.61
SBB Switzerland 01.01.61
CFL Luxemburg 01.07.61
FS Italy 01.07.61
NS Netherlands 01.07.61
SNCB Belgium 01.07.61
SNCF France 01.07.61  
DSB Denmark 01.01.62
NSB Norway 01.05.62
SJ Sweden 01.05.62
MAV Hungary 01.01.65
VR Finland 01.04.67
PKP Poland  
HZ Croatia 01.09.92
SZ Slowenia 01.09.92
CD Czechia 01.01.93
CSD Czechia    
ZSR Slovakia 01.01.93
BRB Great Britain über EPAL
BRB Ireland über EPAL
IE Ireland  
RENFE Spain über EPAL
Green Cargo Sweden  

The bold printed railways are subject to quality assurance by EPAL.

Every EPAL-pallet is marked with a forgery-safe control staple on the central block of the longitudinal side as sign of a positive quality inspection.
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Exchanging criteria
EPAL-pallet pool
Regulations for repair
Load-bearing capacity
Wood moisture content
Stringer boards
Nailing pattern
Bottom boards
Pallets in a container, on a truck
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