EPAL Euro pallets are the heart of logistics, they move flows of goods globally and are essential for safety and smooth operation especially in automated high-bay storage. EPAL is responsible for the world’s largest open pallet pool and provides its network and knowledge to EPAL Euro pallet users. The more specialised the use of the load carriers, the greater too are the demands on employees’ know-how.

  • Can you only work with new or A-quality pallets in high-bay storage?
  • Up to what point is a pallet still fit for use?
  • When does it have to be repaired?
  • How many rotations does an EPAL Euro pallet make?
  • How do I tell a real EPAL pallet from a counterfeit one?

In the future, with EPAL Academy, EPAL is going to focus more on running on-site training on how to identify the pallet quality classes. EPAL logistics experts train employees on site and also offer training individually tailored to the company’s requirements.

In addition, EPAL offers training for employees of customs authorities, particularly in countries on the EU’s external borders, and is a point of contact for the relevant national patent offices. In this way, EPAL training courses are an important component in the fight to prevent EPAL Euro pallets from being counterfeited.


EPAL Academy – Key facts

    • Training courses for users of EPAL pallets, production and repair operations
    • Advice, on-site training
    • Training for customs authorities on protecting the “EPAL in oval” mark


    Contact details: info@epal-pallets.org