AIM Tracking & Tracing Theatre at LogiMAT 2018

 AIM Tracking & Tracing Theatre at LogiMAT 2018

(2018/0116 - pa / Last update: 15/02/2018)

·         AIM Tracking & Tracing Theatre (AutoID live scenario) – with several guided tours each day (Hall 4 / F05 – opposite the AIM stand)

·         AIM stand (Hall 4 / F02)

·         AIM expert forum: AutoID for Logistics 4.0 (Panel C / Hall 4 / Stand C51)

Lampertheim, 15 February 2018—The industry association AIM represents the global network of AutoID experts. At the LogiMAT trade fair in Stuttgart on 13-15 March 2018, AIM will join forces with industry partners to present the Tracking & Tracing Theatre (T&TT), a scenario with exemplary processes in production, material flow and logistics. Demonstrations will be given of various steps, showing how moving objects are traced using AutoID technology such as RFID, bar codes, 2D codes, RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems) and sensors. OPC UA (Unified Architecture) will be used to illustrate the standardised flow of data for AutoID devices according to Industry 4.0 reference architecture (RAMI4.0), and there will be demonstrations of how AutoID technologies function as enabling technologies for Logistics 4.0 and thus Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. Visitors will have the opportunity to take part in guided tours through the T&TT several times a day.


T&TT partners Avus Services, deister electronic, EPAL, Feig Electronic, Logopak Systeme, Prologis Automatisierung und Identifikation, RFIDdirect and Schneider-Kennzeichnung.


AutoID at work—Stops on the T&TT guided tours:

T&TT is split into three segments: Procurement logistics, production logistics (intralogistics) and distribution logistics. In all three segments, examples will be given of how AutoID technology can be used to optimise, automate and digitise (sub)-processes throughout the entire value chain in a company.

In the field of procurement logistics, for example, the delivery of goods (e.g. raw materials, upstream products) and their identification, storage, product picking and distribution in the company will be demonstrated—be that in the logistics process or the production of assembly process. Items showcased will include RFID pallets (RFID detects loading and generates an EDI document / electronic dispatch notification), stationary and mobile bar-code and RFID readers / antennae (including data acquisition via SmartPhone with NFC reader) system printers for bar codes and RFID, and data communication between stationary and mobile systems and the cloud, as well as the Internet of Things.

The production logistics segment will attempt to demonstrate how (upstream) products are processed further in the production process and are conveyed onwards as part of the flow of material (intralogistics). Information will also be given hinting at how communication between different objects (Cyber Physical Systems) and via the cloud—standardised using OPC UA—works. In addition to a labelling machine that can communicate with the company systems via OPC UA and is able to apply both bar codes and RFID tags, the read process for metal-filled small load carriers will also be on show and the concept of an Urban Delivery System will be simulated: repackaging (interim storage) of goods from large lorries to small transport units (also autonomous RTLS-controlled systems).

In the field of distribution logistics, in addition to product picking using wearables (data gloves), quality assurance will also be demonstrated, for example: the right product for the right customer in the condition ordered, and the process of forwarding the products or delivering them to the customer using a vast array of different transport channels and a multitude of partners (logistics service providers, freight forwarding firms, CEP providers)—there will therefore be demonstrations of how a company’s dispatcher impulsively selects a packaging provider at random and prints the correctly formatted label for it.

The Tracking and Tracing Theatre thus showcases the use of AutoID technologies throughout the entire value chain (order processing)—from the arrival of incoming goods through to dispatch.


Visitors to the T&TT can also get more in-depth information at the AIM stand (Hall 4 / F02) opposite, where the following exhibitors will be delighted to speak to you. deister electronic, Dynamic Systems, Euro I.D., Feig Electronic, Fraunhofer IPMS, HID Global, Legic, Microsensys, Mojix, smart-TEC, SNBC and Tag Factory. You can also visit numerous AIM members at their own trade fair stands.


Last but not least, AIM also offers a panel of experts: AutoID for Logistics 4.0. Along the route to Logistics 4.0 and thus Industry 4.0, production, material flow and logistics are increasingly becoming digital. Automatic identification (AutoID) systems and smart sensors form the basis for these  digitisation processes and for the communication between man, machine and object. In addition to intelligent data acquisition, secure supply chains and real-time location, the other key challenges are interoperability, integration with software systems, IT security and connections to the cloud. (Wednesday, 14/03/2018, 10 am, Forum C: Hall 4 / C51)

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* Abbreviations: RFID: Radio-Frequency Identification; NFC: Near Field Communication; RTLS: Real-Time Locating Systems; ORM: Optical Readable Media (bar codes, 2D codes, OCR and the like); QR: Quick Response Code; OCR: Optical Code Recognition.


Press contact: Peter Altes, Director at AIM-D e.V., Richard-Weber-Straße 29 – 68623 Lampertheim – Germany Tel: +49 (0)6206 131 77 – Fax: +49 (0)6206 131 73 – Mobile: +49 (0)171 174 16 87 Email: – Web:


About AIM: AIM-D e.V. (AIM for short) is based in Lampertheim (Southern Hesse) and is the leading industry association for automated data acquisition, identification (AutoID) and mobile IT-systems. The association promotes the use and standardisation of AutoID technologies and procedures. Technologies such as RFID, NFC, bar codes, two-dimensional codes, industrial sensors and RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems) are similarly promoted. AIM represents roughly 120 members from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. AIM members are companies of all sizes, which provide AutoID technologies and products, systems and services. This also includes a range of university and research institutes and other associations. Under the umbrella of AIM Global and AIM Europe, AIM helps its members to be competitive on the international market.