Martin Leibrandt leaves EPAL

European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL)




Martin Leibrandt leaves EPAL


Düsseldorf, 18th July 2018 - The Board and General Assembly of the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) have decided to end cooperation with the EPAL CEO, Martin Leibrandt. He left EPAL after more than 6 years on 30/06/2018.


The EPAL Board will decide on a successor in due course. Until then the President, Robert Holliger, and the Vice-President, Dirk Hoferer, will jointly manage the association with the deputy CEO, Mrs Claudia Töller.


At the same time as his departure from EPAL, Martin Leibrandt’s position as Managing Director of Gütegemeinschaft Paletten e.V. (GPAL), the German National Committee, is also terminated. As usual, Mrs Sabine Dresbach and Mrs Suzane Giurlando are available at Gütegemeinschaft Paletten e.V. (GPAL).


About EPAL:

The European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) ensures a smooth flow of goods in the logistics world with over 500 million EPAL Euro pallets and 20 million box pallets in the world’s biggest open exchange pool. Founded in 1991 as the umbrella association of licensed producers and repairers of EPAL load carriers, EPAL is globally responsible for their consistent quality. EPAL pallets are produced from sustainably grown, CO2-neutral wood,

can be repaired and recycled, and reduce transport distances thanks to their high level of availability. As a registered association, EPAL does not pursue any commercial interests and makes all its decisions in the interests of its industry, retail and logistics partners. EPAL is represented in over thirty countries by fourteen National Committees which have committed themselves to implementing the EPAL objectives.


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