EPAL International: Help for Ukraine

EPAL International helps people in Ukraine and supports those who have fled Ukraine.

EPAL International is calling for help for Ukraine and, together with EPAL Polska, is offering to organise shipments of aid or provide logistical support. In the future, EPAL's network in Europe will serve as a point of contact to help refugees from Ukraine find accommodation, support and work.

EPAL's National Committee in Poland, EPAL Polska, has already started delivering aid to Ukraine (see news posted 11/03/2022). The second shipment of aid from EPAL Polska arrived in Ukraine on the 22/03/2022. EPAL International and other EPAL National Committees will finance further shipments of aid with the logistical support of EPAL Polska, taking advantage of the close contacts that exist between Poland and Ukraine. This support mechanism for people in Ukraine is also open to all other EPAL licensees.

It is currently either not possible or extremely difficult to deliver aid directly to Ukraine from EU countries. EPAL Polska has offered to accept deliveries of aid supplies at a warehouse near the border with Ukraine and to organise onward transport to Ukraine from there. Alternatively, a monetary donation can also be made to finance the purchase of aid in Poland for subsequent transport to Ukraine by EPAL Polska.

If EPAL licensees and their employees and friends are interested in supporting people in Ukraine, EPAL International will put them in touch with EPAL Polska and assist in the handling of the aid. Interested parties can contact EPAL International.

In the past few days, EPAL International has also received requests from aid organisations to supply EPAL Euro pallets for the aid shipments free of charge. EPAL International will work with EPAL licensees to provide the necessary EPAL Euro pallets.

EPAL International and the EPAL National Committees are also available as a contact point for refugees from Ukraine, particularly for the families of the licensees and their staff. They can now contact EPAL International or the respective National Committee on arrival in an EU country for local assistance. EPAL International and the National Committees are working with local licensees to try to help refugees.

EPAL is calling for donations to aid organisations in Ukraine or in the countries of the EU to ensure long-term support for the people of Ukraine. Following the first weeks of war in Ukraine, it is clear that the people of Ukraine will need help for an extended period of time. EPAL National Committees are reporting that many licensees and their staff are already actively helping Ukraine. On behalf of the licensees in Ukraine, EPAL International thanks them for this exemplary commitment.