The exchange system that works worldwide


For over 60 years, the Euro pallet has enjoyed incomparable success. To this day, like the box pallet launched onto the market some 30 years ago, it is indispensable for national and international goods transport. More than 650 million EPAL Euro pallets and 20 million EPAL box pallets are in circulation and form the basis of the largest exchange system the world has ever seen between users in the supply chain.

The fact that EPAL products are everywhere ensures that the exchange system works. At almost every goods recipient in Europe, to which a loaded EPAL load carrier has been delivered, there will also be an empty load carrier ready for exchange. This completely cancels out the cost of reloading.
To continually optimise the exchange process, EPAL supports participants with practical handling tips.

Hardfacts EPAL-System
⦁    The Euro pallet was launched over 60 years ago
⦁    More than 625 million EPAL Euro pallets and 20 million box pallets in the open exchange pool
⦁    Permanent optimisation of the exchange process
⦁    Basis of the supply chains of industry and trade
⦁    A perfect example of sustainable circular economy for more than three decades