First EPAL webinar a great success.

How is the new EPAL Euro pallet QR actually produced?

This question and of course many other questions about the EPAL Euro pallet QR were the subject of an EPAL webinar for manufacturers of EPAL Euro pallets, which took place on 11 Dec. 2023.

Following the announcement of the market launch of the EPAL Euro pallet QR on 01 Jan. 2024, interest in the digital innovations of the open EPAL Euro pallet pool has increased significantly. It is not only the users of EPAL Euro pallets who are interested in large numbers in the new digital opportunities in logistics. Also the manufacturers of EPAL Euro pallets are showing great interest. More than 100 representatives from a total of about 400 EPAL manufacturers took part in the EPAL webinar on 11 Dec. 2023. In his presentation, Michael Brandt, Head of Logistics and Innovation at EPAL, explained the steps that need to be taken to integrate the printing of individual QR codes into the production of EPAL Euro pallets. The EPAL Innovation Lab team supports EPAL manufacturers and works with them to develop a project plan that takes into account the specific conditions of each individual production facility. We are very pleased about the innovative strength of the EPAL manufacturers. The continuous development and modernization of EPAL manufacturers' production facilities ensures the high quality of EPAL Euro pallets.

Further information events on the EPAL Euro pallet QR will take place in 2024.

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