Attempted fraud in connection with the sale of EPAL load carriers

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Unfortunately, we once again have to inform you of an attempted scam relating to the sale of EPAL Euro pallets and other EPAL load carriers. This new scam has been put together very professionally and at considerable effort and therefore represents a significant risk of loss.

The scam works as follows:
EPAL Euro pallets and other EPAL load carriers are offered for sale by an alleged lawyer and insolvency administrator. The pallets are allegedly being sold as part of an insolvency proceeding. Various documents are provided to support the fraudulent offer which appear to be official and lawful but which are actually counterfeits.

In this instance, a counterfeit ruling from the Leipzig district court has been sent out together with a counterfeit insolvency administrator’s report from another law firm which actually exists. The scammer offered new EPAL Euro pallets at a price of EUR 6.00 each together with a large number of other EPAL load carriers. At the same time, the scammer demanded an advance of 25 % of the price of all the load carriers which, in this instance, amounted to a value of more than EUR 34,000.00.

Following our enquiry to the Leipzig district court, it confirmed that this ruling is counterfeit.

Several EPAL licensees in Germany who received the offer to purchase established through their own research that this is a scam. The law firm is not registered in the directory of law firms and there are various minor errors on the website, which are only obvious under very close scrutiny; otherwise the website has a relatively professional gloss.
If you receive offers from an (alleged) insolvency administrator in future, we recommend you check them carefully, particularly if the pallets are being offered at a conspicuously low price. Please bear in mind that there is a risk of losing any advance payment with these types of offer.

We therefore strongly recommend that you do not make any payment until you have checked the integrity of the seller. Please let us know if you receive any dubious offers so that we can support you in checking them and, if necessary, warn other EPAL licensees.

We will be available to provide you with further information at any time.