False claim of change in EPAL's bank details.

Fraud attempt on August 22, 2023

False claim of change in EPAL's bank details.

On Aug. 22, 2023, numerous EPAL licensees received an email stating that EPAL's bank account details had changed and future payments should be made to an account at a bank in England.

This information is incorrect!

The e-mail is a fraud attempt.

EPAL's bank details have not changed. The content of the e-mail can therefore be ignored and the e-mail deleted. For future payments to EPAL, only the account of EPAL at a bank in Germany known to all licensees may be used.

In the case of the fraudulent e-mail dated 22.08.2023, the fraud was recognizable, among other things, by the e-mail address of the sender, which obviously cannot be assigned to EPAL. However, since it cannot be ruled out that further fraud attempts will be made in the future, if there is any doubt about the authenticity of e-mails, inquiries should be made to EPAL or to the National Committees and representatives of EPAL. This is especially true if an email attempts to initiate payments to a previously unknown account.

EPAL would like to thank all licensees who immediately informed about the fraud attempt.