Warning against fraudulent orders of EPAL Euro pallets

The orderer and fraudster (the name of the company can be requested from EPAL International) asked an EPAL licensee for quick delivery of EPAL Euro pallets. It was explained very forcefully that the pallets were urgently needed.

The EPAL licensee correctly explained that delivery would only be made against advance payment. The buyer (fraudster) then sent a payment receipt (SEPA receipt) to the licensee, which was supposed to prove payment of the purchase price by bank transfer. The licensee therefore relied on the payment and delivered the pallets to the orderer (fraudster).

After no payment had been received in the EPAL licensee's bank account a few days later, a check of the payment by the bank and the police revealed that the proof of payment (SEPA receipt) was a forgery. At the same time, it has become known that the ordering party (fraudster) is still suspected of fraud in other cases.

EPAL strongly recommends that in case of delivery of EPAL Euro pallets to new or unknown customers, always to deliver and unload the pallets only when the payment has actually and irreversibly been made. Do not allow yourself to be pressured when agreeing the delivery date.

In general, it is recommended to agree on advance payment and to wait for payment, because in times of high prices for wood, nails, energy and transport, even delays in payment can lead to major problems.


Düsseldorf, 09.06.2022

European Pallet Association e.V.