Application for an EPAL license

Please send us the application with stamp and signature by email to


European Pallet Association e.V.

EPAL International Wahlerstrasse 28
40472 Düsseldorf, Germany


Application for an EPAL licence

to produce and/or repair or trade in EPAL load carriers _______________________________________________________________________________






Applicant’s name / company name


Applicant’s address


hereby apply for a European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) licence to


  • ( ) produce

  • ( ) repair

  • ( ) trade in

the following EPAL load carriers:


  • ( ) EPAL Euro pallet

  • ( ) EPAL Box pallet

  • ( ) EPAL 2 pallet 1,200 x 1,000 mm

  • ( ) EPAL 3 pallet 1,000 x 1,200 mm

  • ( ) EPAL 6 Half pallet 800 x 600 mm

  • ( ) EPAL 7 Half pallet 800 x 600 mm

  • ( ) EPAL CP pallets, type _________________________________



The licence is requested for the applicant’s following business operations:



Address: Country, postcode, town, street (unless identical to the applicant’s address)



We declare the following:

  1. We recognise EPAL’s Stipulations for the Licensing Agreement procedure (Addendum 1) as legally binding. If the stipulations are infringed, EPAL is entitled to immediately terminate the licensing procedure and to reject the application.

  2. The information in the applicant’s data sheet (Addendum 2) are complete and accurate.

  3. We hereby undertake to fulfil without delay the EPAL requirements for the technical equipment for EPAL manufacturing operations and EPAL repair operations (Addendum 3), relating to the type of licence we have applied for, as soon as the EPAL starts the EPAL licensing procedure. We confirm that we will order repair marking nails from a supplier approved by EPAL International promptly after applying for a repair licence.

  4. We will bear the costs of the licensing procedure and pay EPAL.





Place / date                                                  Signature / company stamp




Addendum 1: EPAL Stipulations for the EPAL licensing procedure

Addendum 2: Applicant’s licensee data sheet

Addendum 3: EPAL’s requirements for the technical equipment for EPAL production operations and
EPAL repair operations (requirements data sheet)

Addendum 4: Summary Schedule of Fees table